Looking to make a donation to the church? This is the place!

Give to Events, Fundraiser, Registrations

Are you looking to register for an event, or donate to a specific fundraiser. Click here to go on over to our events page which has all of our upcoming events and fundraisers listed. We ask that you utilize these forms as we often require more registration information than just a donation.

To make a general donation to one of our main funds continue reading below.

Check Your Online Giving

To see your giving, registrations and more through nucleus go to and log in with the email and password you used.

Online Giving

Welcome to our online giving page. This is the place if you are wanting to make a general gift to the church. We have several main funds you can give to. If you are looking to pay for a specific event please use the link provided from your ministry. If you know which fund you are donating to you can start now by clicking the give button below. If you are unsure, scroll down through the descriptions and another give button is located at the bottom of the page.

Steps for One time or Recurring Gifts

  1. Click on "Give"
  2. Enter the amount you wish to give
  3. Choose the fund you are giving to. (Not event registration)
  4. Choose the frequency you would like to make the gift
  5. Choose your starting date
  6. Choose whether you are paying with credit / debit / or ACH Checking
  7. Enter your information
  8. Review everything and submit

You should get an email acknowledging your gift with all of the details

If you create a username and password you can use that to check the status of all your gifts at any time throughout the year.

If you are wishing to make a donation to a fund that is not listed please contact the church office

Donate to General

Our general fund is the primary place we encourage you to give. Money given to the general operating fund ensure that our ministry continues day to day, week to week and throughout the year. This fund supports our different ministries, and all of our support operations from utilities, maintenance and salaries. Donations to the general fund are tax deductible.

Capital Campaign

Several years ago, our church was flooded, resulting in tearing down and building a brand new sanctuary that currently hosts our worship services. Through the process, our church entered a capital campaign to raise the money needed to build. This process left the church with a debt of around $150,000 to finish out the sanctuary. While the campaign ended, we still are collecting donations to help pay down our building debt.

Finishing the Race

Finishing the Race is a designated fund that is intended to help us finish projects at the church that the sanctuary building fund did not cover. Because of the support, we have completed our Kitchen and Gathering Space with new furniture. We still need around $7,000 to install lights and cameras in our sanctuary. Donations given to this fund are tax deductible and will be used for the purposes lined out in finishing the race. When this campaign is over, any remaining funds may be used in another area as approved by the Administrative board.

Church Improvement

Church Improvement -

There are many necessary projects that were not part of our budget which we incurred as part of our disaffiliation process. These projects include things like a new sign, new signage inside the building, door mats, branding, and marketing costs. This is a general fund for those wishing to make donations towards these changes. Donations will be initially used for the specified project, however, once that project is complete, or no longer applicable, funds will be used where needed for other church improvement projects.

Specific Ministries

While we highly encourage you to make your donations to the General Operating fund to support our ministries, it is possible to make general donations for specific ministries. Keep in mind funds given here will be used for the specific ministry, but will be used wherever it is needed within that ministry. To register for events or specific fundraisers please use our events page!

Finance Reports

Download our latest Church Update with finance and membership reports