Safe Sanctuary

Safe Sanctuary Training

Our church follows Safe Sanctuary guidelines This policy is in place to help protect children, youth and vulnerable adults in our care. All adults who work with children, youth or vulnerable adults must be safe sanctuary certified and must re certify every 2 years.

In-person Safe Sanctuary training dates are offered 2-3 times per year. Additionally, our Safe Sanctuary Training is now available online by following the steps below. Whether you attend in person or online, all adults are responsible to be familiar with and agree to abide by the entire safe sanctuary policy.

Online Steps

1 - Download the Safe Sanctuary Policy

While we will cover the basics in the video we will not cover all of the aspects of our policy. However you are required to be familiar with the policy as a whole. We encourage you to download our Safe Sanctuary policy and have it for reference. You can download a PDF from this link or use the button below.

2 - Watch the Safe Sanctuary Video (10-15 Min) (Below)

The video will contain an overview of our Lake Houston Methodist Church Safe Sanctuary Policy. We will cover things such as the Two Adult Rule, Appropriate Touch and Relationships, Signs of Possible Abuse, and Reporting Procedures, and the guidelines for Lake Houston Methodist Church.

3 - Answer the Quiz

The quiz is designed to make sure you have read and comprehend the basics of our Safe Sanctuary Policy.

It will take a few moments and the link is available right here on the website. If you mis-input an answer do not worry, you can take it again. Some questions may not be answered on the video. Read through the entire policy before taking the quiz.

4 - Turn In Your Background Check Release Form

As part of Safe Sanctuary, we require yearly Background Checks for all individuals. Please fill out a Background Check release form and turn it in to our church office. You are required to do so before you will be certified to work with children and youth at Lake Houston Methodist Church.

Safe Sanctuary Basics