Our History

A brief look at the History of Lake Houston Methodist Church

Our History

Lake Houston Methodist began as Lake Houston UMC in 1961 with services held in the old Huffman School building with the Reverend C. E. Clark. This was the 32nd and last Methodist Church that Rev. Clark organized before his death. 

Lake Houston Methodist was first called the Huffman Methodist Mission. On August 11, 1961, the official board of the Crosby Methodist Church voted to cooperate in the establishment of the new church and agreed for their pastor, the Rev. Dan Bynum, to serve as the minister for an early service each Sunday. The church was officially organized as Lake Houston United Methodist Church on November 19, 1961, and 25 people were received into membership at the Quarterly Conference. 

The small town of Huffman was quickly beginning to grow during this time. A huge catalyst for this growth was the emergence of Lake Houston. A quote from one newspaper clipping said, “Huffman has a new post office, numerous new homes, new Baptist and Methodist churches.” Our little church was one of the first establishments in Huffman.

God had laid it on someone's heart to build a dam on the San Jacinto River and create an entire lake. Little did that person know that they were paving the way to make Lake Houston Methodist possible! Little did they know that they were doing God’s work. 

The first building for our church was consecrated on May 23, 1965, by which time the membership had grown from 25 to 70. Since that building was built the church continued to grow, and eventually a Christian Fellowship Center was built adding gym space, a youth area and more adult classrooms.

But while the church was growing, it was also aging, and talk came of building something new. While the plans were being talked about and ideas thrown around, nothing concrete was being down. However that all changed in 2017 when Hurricane Harvey flooded the church, leaving the Sanctuary unusable.

The church began a building campaign to raise money, and with some help from other churches and other donations the current Sanctuary was built, and education building revamped. This brought much excitement and anticipation within the church.

But the excitement was short lived. As the building neared completion in 2020, the world shut down due to the Covid Pandemic. Just as the church had plans for the future those plans were put on hold. The church went mostly online, had limited events and meetings and ministry efforts slowed to a halt. Then as the pandemic lifted, the church was thrust into a time of discernment about disaffiliation from the UMC.

In December of 2022 Lake Houston UMC disaffiliated from the United Methodist Church, became Lake Houston Methodist Church, and joined the Global Methodist Church.

The church has come a long way since 1961. We have overcome many challenges, obstacles and hurdles, but with each one we have trusted in God's direction and moved forward in faith. We have had multiple pastors preside over our church. Each one bringing God’s word in their own unique way. Each one touches our hearts, helping that seed of faith to grow a little more and, most of all, helping us to reach out to others as God’s hands and feet.

We are excited for the future of Lake Houston Methodist Church and our ministry in the Lake Houston, Huffman and Crosby Area.